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Our monthly subscription service is an easy way for you to treat your cheeks!
Box of the Month Subscription 3 - Boudoir Box

Step 1.

Get Cheeky with it

Getting cheeky has never been more fun or simple! Just sign up with Boudoir Box in the privacy of your own space and we promise only the best in handmade, locally designed lingerie with a compliment of beauty and skin care.

Step 2.

Pop that Booty

We want you to be in control every step of the way. Choose the best box for your budget or gift your family and friends.

Step 3.

You’ve Got Mail

We´re all about relaxation and peace of mind so we´re sending all your packages straight to your door…For Free!

Step 4.


Revel in your Boudoir Box. Breathe in the tantalising scents and feel the sensual garments between your fingers. Baes, its time to glow up!

FemmeProjects: Cycles Shop

Cycles is a campaign to tell menstruating people that it is okay to talk about it; that it is okay to ask questions and seek answers and that is okay to own body, your reproductive system, your sexuality and your life.

All proceeds will go towards FemmeProjects’ Cycles fund to educate learners about sex and menstruation; and to provide young learners with hygienic bodily care.

Narrow FEMME Tshirt


Visual artist, Lady Skollie designed an exclusive T-shirt for this campaign that celebrates the vulva. Get cheeky with this T and pair it with the Boudoir Box Knickers or the Boudoir Box, curated with a special host of goodies to compliment the lingerie and the Cycles Campaign.